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  Glenn Fiocca
  Company: Newbridge Securities Corp 
  Company Address:  7600 Jericho Turnpike Suite 20 
  Company Address2:   
  Company In City:  Woodbury 
  Company In State:  New York
  Company In Zip:  11797 
  Business Phone:  (516) 921-1600 
  Title:  Sr. Vice President/Investments 
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2nd Year

4 Year
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"I pride myself on providing service that is second to none" My broad experience enables me to service a wide range of investors. As a fixed income specialist, I focus on providing retirees access to a variety of fixed income products to best meet their needs. I also work with growth oriented investors with a broad range of equities and fixed income bonds and CDís. I spend my days communicating with the investment public and I am in constant contact with my clients.
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  Favorite Sector : Financial ,Technology, Utilities

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