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Choosing a stockbroker or investment advisor is one of the most important decisions you can make for your family. Your choice can mean the difference between financial devastation, or a secured well-being.

And yet, finding the right stockbroker has never been easy. Previously, investor's only options were to shop around for firms and then accept the broker assigned, or to take the referral of friends or family, or to wait for cold calls from new (inexperienced) account openers.

None of these choices are ideal.
Our goal is to make the process, and your choice, easier.

BrokerProfile's database of brokers and investors is:

  • Designed to assist investors to meet their investment goals.
  • BrokerProfile was created by professionals from the financial industry who are fully aware of investors’ needs.
  • Is updated regularly
  • Currently hosts more than 560,000 individual stockbroker's information

BrokerProfile's mission is to facilitate the connection between investors and brokers.